S.M.A.R.T Goals

A friend of mine , Alex Lightman, once asked me why I never set goals. I said it was because I didn't ever want to be disappointed in the lack of outcome.

I've realized over the last few months that in fact I had the wrong definition of 'goal' in my mind.... I based the idea on unrealistic mental requests for control of situations I had no control over. I'd heard of the term S.M.A.R.T. Goal before but it didn't crystalize for me until recently when I realized that all my significant successes were based on simple, measured, ambitious, realistic, time-bound ideas.

For example, I had declared to myself and those around me that I would have my first big art show after completing 50 pieces. The big art show is coming up at the beginning of next month and I have completed 50 pieces.

I was challenged by Alex to climb the equivalent of Mt. Killamanjaro (36 miles at 10% incline) on my treadmill desk in the month of June. I came within 1.5 miles of completion and would have completed it if we weren't off to Tofino for a week on the 28th. This month it is Mt. Everest (55 miles at 10% incline). Apparently the space station would be 2300 miles at 10% incline. Break it down in to quantifiable amounts and I'll get there too. :-)

I've set a 3 year goal at my restaurant to become fully Ocean Wise certified and we are almost there. I've set a weight goal of 180 pounds in one year, already 17 pounds closer to the goal.

The point is, setting goals and then working at them consistently results in massive achievements that never would have been possible without some guidelines; specifically SMART goals. Now that I have my head fully wrapped around this significant tool just about anything seems possible. Try it out. Something simple. Every day. Keep going. Get there. Do it again. It is the foundation of just about every success on this planet.